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buildout configuration

gocept.selenium integrates with quite a lot of different testing approaches and needs to work across a wide spectrum of software versions, e. g. Zope2 before and after eggification (2.10/2.12), ZTK-KGS, Grok-KGS, Plone3, Plone4 etc.

This has two consequences, one is that we use different extras_require for the different flavours, so clients will need to specify that, e. g. gocept.selenium[ztk] or gocept.selenium[grok].

The second is that there is no single buildout configuration for this package, but rather quite a lot of them, so we are able to run our tests against all the different software versions we integrate with.

The base package itself is tested with selenium.cfg, this has no further dependencies except the selenium package. The various flavours have their own cfg file, in some cases in several versions (e.g. Plone3/Plone4, Zope2 pre/post eggs etc.). This means that in order to set up the buildout, you'll need to specify the configuration you want to test, like this:

$ python bootstrap.py -c ztk.cfg
$ bin/buildout -c ztk.cfg

Note that the zope210 and plone3 configurations require Python-2.4, while the others should work at least up to Python-2.6.