tazpkg-tank / tazpkgbox-install

The branch '4.3' does not exist.
# GTKdialog interface to SliTaz Packages Manager aka Tazpkg. Note:
# Notebook tabs are vbox, tabs are used to indent and functions are
# split and found in $LIB.
# (C) GNU gpl v3 - SliTaz GNU/Linux 2010.

export PKG="$@"
export PKG_SHORT_NAME=$(basename $PKG)

# Tazpkgbox is only for root.
if test $(id -u) != 0 ; then
	exec subox tazpkgbox-install $PKG
	exit 0

# English/French help dialog.
export MAIN_DIALOG="
<window title=\"Tazpkg install\" icon-name=\"tazpkg\">
	<text use-markup=\"true\" width-chars=\"54\">
Package <b>$PKG_SHORT_NAME</b> will be installed\"
		<button ok>
			<action>xterm -T \"Install package \" -geometry 80x16+120+120 -e \"tazpkg install $PKG; sleep 2\"</action>
			<action type=\"closewindow\">\"\"</action>
		<button cancel>
			<action type=\"closewindow\">HELP</action>

gtkdialog --center --program=MAIN_DIALOG >/dev/null

exit 0
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