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--*- restructuredtext -*-
+1. Install Mercurial if needed::
-Creating the Virtual Environment
+    See
-First, make sure you install virtualenv:
+2. Install virtualenv if needed::
     easy_install virtualenv
-First, create a clean base environment using virtualenvwrapper::
+3.  Create a clean base environment using virtualenv::
-    mkvirtualenv rustynail --no-site-packages
-    workon rustynail
+    virtualenv --no-site-packages rustynail
+4.  Activate the virtualenv.  You will need to activate this every time you want to run the project::
+    \path\to\env\bin\activate.bat
+    source /path/to/env/bin/activate
+5.  Install pip
     easy_install pip
-	pip install fabric
-Next, install the project requirements::
+6.  Clone the project source code from Bitbucket to the directory of your choice::
+    hg clone
+7.  Install the project requirements::
-	pip install -r requirements.txt
+	pip install -r rustynail/requirements.txt
+8.  Create and edit any settings that are specific to your environment::
-Configuring a Local Environment
+    cp rustynail/rustynail/local_settings.txt rustynail/rustynail/
-You can copy some example configuration files to get started quickly::
+9.  Sync the database and run the site::
-    cp rustynail/local_settings.txt rustynail/
     python syncdb
 	python runserver

File docs/profiles.rst

 User Profiles
 Views and urls for user profiles are handled by the django-profiles app.
 Documentation for this app is located at