ROSkillTrainer - Regnum Online Skill Trainer

ROSkillTrainer is a skill trainer for the game Regnum Online [1] (now
called Champions Of Regnum). It is not a web-based application, but a
standalone one, using  Qt 4 as the GUI toolkit, so it should run on all
major platforms. It supports saving and loading skill setups (including
spell bar setups), saving the setups as images and it features an
import/export function to open setups from the Clan Inquisition skill
trainer [2].

ROSkillTrainer is free software licensed under the GNU General Public
License Version 3 (see COPYING or [3]).

There are currently no binaries available, you will have to build it
yourself from the source code.

Spell descriptions and icons are not included in the repository!


NOTE: The following method to download the icons does not work anymore!

    The Perl script contrib/ may be used to download
    the required icons from the Regnum Online Wiki [4].


        cd ROSkillTrainer/spells
        perl ../contrib/

    This has to be done before building the application!

You either have to modify the script or download all icons manually.
ROSkillTrainer will work without the icons though, using a fallback icon


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