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 If everything works okay, the following shell functions are created:
-* ``djenv``
+* ``djenv`` (tab completion)
                 switch to different settings or another Django project.
-* ``cdroot``
+* ``cdroot`` (tab completion)
                 go to current project root.
-* ``cdjango``
+* ``cdlib`` (tab completion)
+                go to subdirectory 'lib' of the current project root.
+* ``cdjango`` (tab completion)
                 go to Django project root (one lower than project root).
-* ``djadmin``
+* ``djadmin`` (install `tab completion <>`_ yourself)
                 shorthand for, which you should use
                 instead of (unless you want to tweak things).
 * ``runserver``
                 perform `` runserver <port>``, using
-                settings.LOCAL_SERVER_PORT if defined.
+                settings.LOCAL_SERVER_PORT if defined. Use option
+                ``-p`` to  bind to your network IP address.
 * ``djbrowse``
                 points the browser to the server listening on
                 settings.LOCAL_SERVER_PORT in the current settings.
 * ``djvirtualbrowse``
                 Points the browser to the named virtual host for the current
                 settings. Assumes Apache is running as reverse proxy; see
-                bin/ for more information.
-* ``pipup``
+                ``bin/`` for more information.
+* ``pipup`` (tab completion)
                 call ``pip install`` with the appropriate file listing
                 the project's requirements.
 * ``removeorphanpycs``
 # Export functions so they can be used in shell scripts
 export -f _verify_project_root _verify_django_project \
     _verify_project_root_and_django_project _verify_django_settings_module \
-    get_django_setting import_django_settings cdroot pipup \
+    get_django_setting import_django_settings cdroot cdlib pipup \
     pycompile removeorphanpycs cleanupdirs removeemptydirs \
     cdjango djadmin runserver testserver djbrowse