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Added deinit script

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+# Deinitialize the settings environment
+# Should be sourced with the 'source' command, e.g. 'source deinitenv'
+# The source command can be performed within virtualenvwrapper's
+# bin/postdeactivate, but it's easier to just copy the following lines
+# to bin/postdeactivate. Alternatively, you may also symlink
+# bin/postdeactivate to (a custom version of) this file.
+if [ -z "$_OLD_DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE" ]; then


 [ -z "$DJANGO_PROJECT" ] && echo "Variable DJANGO_PROJECT not set or empty" 2>&1 && return 1
 [ ! -d "$PROJECT_ROOT/$DJANGO_PROJECT" ] && echo "Variable DJANGO_PROJECT does not identify a readable directory within $PROJECT_ROOT" 2>&1  && return 1
+# Save current settings
 # If no particular settings are defined, just use the "base" settings
 if [ -n "$PROJECT_SETTINGS" ]; then
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