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Pimp my Eclipse!

Pimp is an Eclipse plug-in that manages color themes. Currently it provides two extension points: styles and workers. Obviously, you cannot be a good pimp without neither of those ;-)

Styles are, well, color themes. Workers are per Eclipse plug-in, their job is to apply style to that plug-in's editor.

As there are separate extension points for editors and color themes, so all color themes for all Eclipse plug-ins is n+m, not n*m problem :-).

You can create quite general color theme that works for all editors, but you can be as specific as you want.

Currently the only way of providing new style is via plugin.xml/fragment.xml - this makes fiddling with themes quite slow, but it can be improved in future.

Pimp is licensed under new-style (3-clause) BSD license.

Any help with it's development would be greatly appreciated :-)

Happy pimping!