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Project deployment tools added. Now you can install the application by typing "python install" or use pip/easy_install instead. Examples:

"pip install django-poll-system"
"easy_install django-poll-system"

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+# file GENERATED by distutils, do NOT edit
+from distutils.core import setup
+      version='0.1',
+      description='The application to organize polling (or voting) on your site.',
+      author='RafRaf',
+      maintainer='RafRaf',
+      author_email='',
+      url='',
+      download_url='',
+      packages=['poll', 'poll.templatetags'],
+      package_data={'poll': ['fixtures/initial_data.json', 'static/polls/css/*', 'static/polls/js/*', 'locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/*', 'templates/*']},
+     )