Job Ganzevoort avatar Job Ganzevoort committed 9377f4b

improvement: add per-item vote count to poll admin page

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     model = Item
     extra = 5
     max_num = 10
+    fields = ('userbox', 'value', 'index', 'vote_count',)
+    readonly_fields = ('vote_count',)
 class PollAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
                     raise ValidationError(err_msg)
     def get_vote_count(self):
-        return Vote.objects.filter(poll=self).count()
+        return self.vote_set.count()
     vote_count = property(fget=get_vote_count)
                                      help_text=_('Its for positioning only'))
+    def get_vote_count(self):
+        return self.choice_set.count()
+    vote_count = property(fget=get_vote_count)
     def __unicode__(self):
         return u'%s (%d)' % (self.value, self.index)
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