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-[{"pk": 1, "model": "poll.poll", "fields": {"startdate": "2012-02-04", "votes": [], "title": "How do you spend your free time?", "publish": true, "polltype": "0", "queue": 1}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "poll.queue", "fields": {"auth": false, "title": "Public"}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "poll.queue", "fields": {"auth": true, "title": "Private"}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "poll.item", "fields": {"index": 0, "poll": 1, "value": "I learn new technologies", "userbox": false}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "poll.item", "fields": {"index": 1, "poll": 1, "value": "I play computer games", "userbox": false}}, {"pk": 3, "model": "poll.item", "fields": {"index": 2, "poll": 1, "value": "I drink vodka and lie in my backyard", "userbox": false}}, {"pk": 4, "model": "poll.item", "fields": {"index": 3, "poll": 1, "value": "I don't have free time", "userbox": false}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "", "fields": {"ip": "", "poll": 1, "user": 1, "datetime": "2012-02-04 01:19:35"}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "poll.choice", "fields": {"vote": 1, "item": 3, "uservalue": null}}]
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