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The default branch has multiple heads

Author Commit Message Date Builds
mike wakerly
Make shop templates extend shop/base.html. The change allows a site to supply shop-specific base.html, potentially overriding or extending the global base.html.
Stephen McDonald
Load future tag lib explicitly in templates.
Alex Hill
Update url templatetags for Django 1.5. See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.4/releases/1.3/#changes-to-url-and-ssi "{% load url from future %}" is omitted in favour of a global import in mezzanine's boot/__init__.py.
Dmitry Falk
fix order history list: 'Page' object not iterable
Stephen McDonald
Clean up the order history view - CSS tweaks, use total quantity instead of total products, and use @login_required.
Alex Hill
Added pagination to order history.
Alex Hill
Added an order history page for logged-in users.