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 Base encoding a chunk of 4 bytes at a time (32 bits at a time) means
 we would need a way to represent each of the 256**4 (4294967296) values with
-our encoding.
+our encoding::
     >>> 256**4
 Given an encoding alphabet of 85 ASCII characters, for example, we need
 to find an exponent (logarithm) that allows us to represent each one of these
-4294967296 values.
+4294967296 values::
     >>> 85**4
     >>> 85**5 >= 2**32
-Done using logarithms:
+Done using logarithms::
     >>> import math
     >>> math(2**32, 85)
 of space and the codec will need to deal with padding and de-padding bytes
 to ensure the resulting size to be a multiple of the chunk size, but the
 byte sequence will be more compact than its base-16 (hexadecimal)
-representation, for example.
+representation, for example::
     >>> import math
     >>> math(2**32, 16)