Iain Buclaw avatar Iain Buclaw committed f7abc90

Add VENDOR_VERSYM to D version identifiers if defined.

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     if (strcmp(D_OS_VERSYM2, "Win32") == 0)
         is_target_win32 = true;
+    VersionCondition::addPredefinedGlobalIdent(D_VENDOR_VERSYM);
     if (TARGET_THUMB)


 if test -n "$d_os_versym2"; then
     echo "#define D_OS_VERSYM2 \"$d_os_versym2\""
+if test -n "$d_vendor_versym"; then
+    echo "#define D_VENDOR_VERSYM \"$d_vendor_versym\""
 # In DMD, this is usually defined in the target's Makefile.
 case "$d_os_versym" in
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