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Things to be done as part of our roadmap to GCC - list may grow...

Port to GCC-4.7, maintain support for trunk.27/01/2012ibuclaw
Follow up on all significant contributors to have assignment papers signed.10/02/2012
Re-license under GPLv3.10/02/2012
Branch off and drop support for GCC-4.5 in trunk once 4.7 is stable.10/02/2012
Migrate repository over to git - maybe move to GitHub.17/02/2012
Re-structure project directories to match that of GCC17/02/2012
Remove zlib and use version supplied by GCC - alternatively upgrade version in GCC.24/02/2012
Check and Update all manpages.24/02/2012
Port D2 test suite to DejaGNU02/03/2012
Switch code style to GNU02/03/2012
Branch and drop support for GCC-4.6 in trunk, keep in sync with GCC development.05/03/2012
Submit all patches to GCC proper for inclusion in GCC.ongoing
Submit GDC for inclusion in GCC.ongoing


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