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 |-fdeprecated|Allow use of deprecated features.|
 |-fassert|Generate runtime code for assert()'s|
 |-frelease|Compile release version|
+|-fno-bounds-check|Disable array bounds checking|
 |-funittest|Compile in unittest code|
 |-fversion=<level/ident>|Compile in version code >= <level> or identified by <ident>|
 |-fdebug,-fdebug=<level>,-fdebug=<ident>|Compile in debug code, code <= level, or code identified by ident|
-|fdebug|Compile in debug code|
+|-fdebug|Compile in debug code|
 |-fdebug-c|With -g, generate C debug information for debugger compatibility|
 |-fdeps=<filename>|Write module dependencies to filename|
 |-fd-verbose|Print information about D language processing to stdout|