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 D1: [[|1.067]]
-D2: [[|2.053]]
+D2: [[|2.054]]
 === Supported GCC versions ===
 *[[|GCC 4.2.x]]
 *[[|GCC 4.3.x]]
 *[[|GCC 4.4.x]]
-*[[|GCC 4.5.x]] 
+*[[|GCC 4.5.x]]
+*[[|GCC 4.6.x]]
     cd objdir 
     ../configure --enable-languages=d --disable-shared \
         --prefix=/opt/gdc \
-        --with-pkgversion="GDC 7cb42bd4eb94 DMD 2.053" \     # insert the correct versions
         --with-bugurl="" \
     make -j2 2>&1 | tee build.log                            # insert your number of cores in the -j argument
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