Century Time

The time zero is 2000-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Time is represented with two int64 numbers.
One for Nanoseconds and one for Century.
Time offset is applied to Century.

Time offset at less then century is calc with Go time.Time

Time representation is:

Georgian Time = 1999-12-31 
Century Time  = 19-99-12-31

This code is pre pre Alpha


go get

The Code Is

// Century Time Now
func Now() century.Time

// Century Time at the given time.UnixNano()
func At(t time.Time) century.Time

// Century Time to time.UnixNano()
func Go(ct century.Time) time.Time

// Float Time Now
func FloatNow() float64

// Float Time at the given Go time.Time
func FloatAt(t time.Time) float64

// Float Time to Go time.Time
func FloatGo(centuryTime float64) time.Time