Added support for the D language to Visual Studio

#4 Merged
  1. Manu Evans

Initial support for VisualD in both old and 'next gen' varieties. There are some D related settings which premake doesn't expose (import paths, unit test, version identifiers, ddoc stuff), but that's work for another day.

Oh yeah... I REALLY hate Lua! >_<

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  1. Andrew Gough repo owner

    haha - yeah it can be a pain to debug. I tried a little while ago to get premake set up within wxLua so I could set breakpoints and inspect values etc. Hasn't worked yet, but you never know - I'll concentrate on it if the pain gets too much.

    I'm happy just to directly merge this in if you think its ok - I don't use VS so if its broken it won't impact me at all. However, I do have a bunch of local changes which add the 'gmakeng' target support, but I'm struggling with enough time to finish it properly. This shouldn't impact the VS work you've done too much as its pretty isolated.

    Thanks Manu.

    1. Manu Evans author

      I don't imagine there would be any conflicts between my work and your work. It was all rather trivial building on top of your foundation. Should be good to merge, then starkos might merge your pull request. I'll handle VisualD related bugs down the line.

      Yeah debugging using print() was the only useful way I found, but the most frustrating part is that there are no structure definitions... I never knew what members 'cfg' was supposed to have. And the old and 'ng' versions of cfg seem to each have different members too, which makes referencing other code annoying ;)