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This SublimeText Package aims to add rudimentary FTP support through WinSCP scripting.


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BitBucket uniformly lower cases the urls so you must explicitly set the clone destination to the proper package name.

Important settings

  • You need access to (winscp.exe won't work), see winscp executables
  • The plugin looks for in %ProgramFiles%\WinSCP, WinSCP3, and WinSCP4. If your particular installation is somewhere else, change the location in
  • It also looks for winscp.ini in the same location. If it's not found, it'll use the registry instead.
  • Currently, WinSCP's interface language must be in English or it won't work


See this forum thread for a bit of background.


  • The "browseFTP" command is assigned to F12 by default.
  • Press F12, it shows a list of WinSCP's stored sessions. Select one, it'll connect (it takes a few seconds) and then you can browse the server.
  • Choosing a folder will browse to that folder.
  • Choosing a file will download it in a temporary file and open it in a new tab. Changes are uploaded to the server automatically.
  • If you press escape, the connection to the server will still be open, so pressing F12 again should be instantaneous.
  • Closing SublimeText or choosing ":close session:" at the end of the list will close the current connection. It will also let you choose a new server the next time you press F12. It will also delete all of the temporary files.

Other Commands

  • :goto folder: lets you input an absolute path to browse to
  • :bookmarks: lets you select from a list of bookmarks associated with the current session


If there are any problems or you have a suggestion open an issue and I will receive an email notification.

Thanks :)

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