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Adjusted numbering style for the last list in the license chapter.

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     <para id="x_64e">The author(s) and/or publisher of an Open Publication-licensed document may elect certain options by appending language to the reference to or copy of the license. These options are considered part of the license instance and must be included with the license (or its incorporation by reference) in derived works.</para>
-    <orderedlist>
+    <orderedlist numeration="upperalpha">
       <listitem><para id="x_64f">To prohibit distribution of substantively modified versions without the explicit permission of the author(s). <quote>Substantive modification</quote> is defined as a change to the semantic content of the document, and excludes mere changes in format or typographical corrections.</para>
       <para id="x_650">To accomplish this, add the phrase <quote>Distribution of substantively modified versions of this document is prohibited without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.</quote> to the license reference or copy.</para>