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This is my first tumblr theme. Very simple, because I lack the ability to make
it more complex. It focuses on the content rather than the social stuff. The
theme does NOT display notes/reblogs/likes in any form whatsoever. It has NO
support for Twitter/Disquis and other widgets. I'm currently using this theme
on a tumblelog composed by text posts only, with the number of posts per page
set to 1.

The theme has been rejected for publication on the tumblr Theme Garden due to
a vague feedback about it being "not complete". After adding a post type that
was indeed missing, and resubmitting the theme for evaluation, the feedback
didn't change. Finally, I decided that the guesswork needed to decipher the
moderator's unhelpful feedback wasn't worth it, and that my time is better
spent elsewhere.

Nonetheless, the theme and all its assets will continue to live in this
repository, as a kind of backup of my work.
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