Gabriel Pichot avatar Gabriel Pichot committed d71c37a

Ajout du dossier ens et des modifications (non complètes du Makefile)

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 SOURCES2 = $(
 OBJS = $(
 $(EXEC): $(OBJS)
 	$(CAMLC) $(CUSTOM) -o $(EXEC) $(LIBS) $(OBJS)
 $(EXEC).opt: $(OPTOBJS)
 	$(CAMLOPT) -o $(EXEC) $(LIBS:.cma=.cmxa) $(OPTOBJS)
 .SUFFIXES: .ml .mli .cmo .cmi .cmx .mll .mly
 	$(CAMLC) $(LIBS) -annot -c $<
+# 	lgrind -i -lOCaml $< > latex/$@
 	$(CAMLC) -c $<


+% Just Fuck Listings Package which do not support UTF-8 O_o
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