Georgios Pierris

EUCog Events Geolocation

A python script that reads the list of participants of an EUCog event and draws a great circle route for each participant from their location to the event.

Naoqi Kill Task Example

There is a weird behavior of the killTask on webots. Not tested in the real robot yet.

c++ tricks - lfor

Just playing with a way to create labelled for loops (lfor) that allows you to break to any outer labelled loop (lbreak). These are BAD, EVIL tricks but fun! :)


A simple market simulator plus MLPY to allow for quick testing of machine learning algorithms plus Metatrader interface and QSTK, which is based on Pandas and other libraries...

RL-Glue Environments and Experiments

A few grid RL-Glue environments that either have been in published papers from others or are of interest to me and would like my algorithms to compare to.

Nearest Sequence Memory

A SOM based discretization of continuous observations and actions along with the sequence encoding and action selection based on the Nearest Sequence Memory


A simulation of the theater problem described in the Chapter 9 of "The Joy of X" by Steven Strogatz @stevenstrogatz

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