Georgios Pierris
Cognitive Robotics Research Centre,
University of Wales, Newport
August 2011

Email:    OR

Class to read data from an AMC motion file into a Frame class in Python and interact with them. 
AMC file has to be in the AMC format used in the online CMU motion capture library.

INSTALATION: in the same folder as your project, or add them in your path 
	and simply:
		import amc
		from amc import * 
		import amc as whatever

	depending on how you prefer to use it


	If not used as a module, run the file to see some examples of the usage, i.e., the main() function in the file. It will load the "test.amc" file which I include for convenience and quickk testing. This function works as documentation of the code as well.

For help, more information, or for addtions to this class feel free contact me.