Removing a bug associated with a changeset doesn't stop the bug being marked fixed

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Issue #17 resolved
Ed Morley created an issue

Someone had typoed a backout commit message ( so when that was merged to mozilla-central, I was aware I'd need to modify the list of bugs marked fixed, so that the original landings (which weren't typoed) didn't end up being marked fixed.

I used "remove bug" against the bugs that had actually been backed out on the "Step 3 of 3: Fixes" m-cMerge page, but yet the bugs were still resolved fixed. (Bug 776802 and bug 718849).

I guess I should have just unticked the "resolve" and "comment" checkboxes, rather than using "remove bug", but it would be good to make sure that bugs only get resolved if they are still listed :-)

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  1. Ed Morley reporter

    Wow, super quick! :-)

    Slightly off-topic, but thank you so much for m-cMerge & being so responsive on these fixes. Makes my day so much more productive! :-D

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