Now need to set status-firefoxN:fixed even for bugs landing on trunk (if they are tracking a release)

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Issue #20 resolved
Ed Morley created an issue

According to we're supposed to now set status-firefoxN:fixed for bugs that are tracking-firefoxN:+, in addition to setting milestone - even if they are landing on trunk and not a backport.

If checking to see if a bug is tracking is too much of a PITA, we can just set status-firefoxN:fixed for all bugs. In fact, it might just make sense to do this from the outset, so save making things unnecessarily complicated - and will cover cases where a bug was marked tracking after being resolved fixed.

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  1. Graeme McCutcheon repo owner

    Something went wrong with 0c8ac138706e - specifically bug 788275, which had leave open in the whiteboard, yet had status_fx18 set.

    ViewerController.steps[4].bugInfo["788275"] shows can/shouldSetStatus are both false, which is correct. Is something going wrong at submission time?

  2. Graeme McCutcheon repo owner

    Well the above comment is a load of tosh. can/set were false because status-firefox18 was 'fixed' in Bugzilla - which was because of this bug.

    Once I realised I'd originally tested the 'don't set status on m-c if not resolving' by toggling a resolve checkbox on a normal bug, and hadn't looked at leave open bugs, the fix was obvious.

    Anyway fix now in production.

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