[ryanvm] Add ability to set in-testsuite

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Issue #4 resolved
Graeme McCutcheon repo owner created an issue

Add the ability to set in-testsuite. As with bug resolution and milestone, this must operate on all instances of a bug, not particular bug/changeset instances.

I think this would be manual - m-cMerge shouldn't make any guesses. We can get a list of affected filenames from hg.m.o, but that alone isn't sufficient. If a Makefile and a file of the test_* form are both touched, then yes, it could well be a test has been added. Equally though, it may be the disabling of a test for randomorange.

We would thus need to keep the list of modified files around, show the modified files in the UI, add a checkbox, and add the relevant field to the bug data and submission.

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  1. Graeme McCutcheon reporter

    The testsuite flag isn't returned in search results from the we would need to fetch the bug search API call - if we want the current value of the flag in the UI, we would need to fetch each bug individually using the API call for individual bugs.

    On one 100+ changeset merge, this took the bug data fetching step from 2400ms to 86000ms (although the measuring was fairly rough, and ymmv)

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