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Welcome to Grumpy's WSGI play area.

Origin Of Name

What does AWAS mean?

I travel to Malaysia regularly for family reasons. In that part of the world you will see many roads signs which say 'AWAS'. The equivalent for this word in English is 'DANGER'.

The word is thus somewhat representative of how you should treat the code which is part of this package. That is, with extreme caution.

This is because it is very much just a play pen for experimental code related to WSGI. Although the code may be of academic interest, don't rely on it ever staying the same or being officially published as a package.

The word 'AWAS' is also used for a second reason. That is that when spelt backwords it says 'SAWA'. In that same part of the world, that word means Python. :-)

Package Contents

What will you find here?

As I have time I will be collecting together various snippets of Python code I have or which I have documented elsewhere and dumping them here such that others can use them more easily.

For some of my more experimental work they will not strictly be compatible with existing WSGI specifications. This is because the original WSGI specification is actually a PITA in some respects and just makes it harder to do some things. I also want to explore alternatives for WSGI which might play a part in a future version of WSGI or even a complete alternative to WSGI.

If the latter comes into play, maybe 'AWAS' can also mean 'Alternate WSGI Application Specification'.