1. Graham Dumpleton
  2. makeit



Makeit is a build environment primarily targeted at developers using the C
and C++ programming languages.

Makeit relies on the freely available and widely portable GNU make
program. If GNU make is not installed on your system by default, it can
be obtained from:


GNU make provides a range of extensions to standard make functionality far
surpassing features available in commercial offerings. Makeit builds on
this functionality to provide a library of predefined functionality which
is included into your makefile and controlled through a limited number of
variables. Your makefiles remain simple as all those rules you would
otherwise have to write are out of sight. Further, all the variations
implicit in supporting different compilers and host operating systems are
also hidden, meaning not only will your makefile be simple, but it will be

With version 8.0 of makeit it was more or less rewritten from scratch and
is now being made available under a BSD style license. You may install
makeit into a standard location and use it from there, or copy the package
into a subdirectory of your own project and use it from there instead.

Please note that in the process of rewriting makeit and arriving at version
8.0, it was restructured substantially in comparison to the version
supplied with OSE version 7.0. As such, various questionable features have
been dropped for the sake of simplicitly and the naming conventions
employed changed. Do not expect your existing makefiles to work without
some changes being required.

Documentation for makeit can be obtained from:


Any questions you may have should be directed to the "Help" web forum on
the OSE project web site at:


Make it clear in your posts which version of this package you are using.

The OSE project web site also hosts prepackaged releases of makeit.

The source code for the latest working copy of makeit can be viewed at:


If you have a subversion client, you can check out the latest working copy
of makeit using the command:

  svn co http://svn.dscpl.com.au/makeit/trunk