An R package for the automated analysis of dithionite scramblase assays.


To install the development version, you first need the devtools package.


Then you can install the flippant package using


A stable version is available from CRAN and may be installed using


The manuscript

A manuscript covering the package is in print at BMC Bioinflormatics and its source provided in Rmd form in the inst/manuscript directory. Note that building the manuscript takes around an hour, since it runs the whole analysis, including code benchmarking using an n of 100.

The dataset

The original data is derived from Ploier et al. (2016; Nat Commun 7, 12832) and contained in a zip file in the inst/extdata directory. Each file within the zip archive is a text file. Lines 4 through to the penultimate line contain tab delimited text data.


scramblase_assay_traces draws time series of relative fluorescence vs. acquisition time, possibly split by experiment.

scramblase_assay_plot draws plots of the probability of at least one flippase vs. the protein to phospholipid ratio.

scramblase_assay_stats calculates the fit constant for each experiment.

scramblase_assay_calculations provides a lower-level overview of model fit details.