R800 instruction timing tester

Copyright 2018 Laurens Holst

Project information

Cycle-exact R800 instruction timing tester using the VDP.

Author: Laurens Holst
License: Simplified BSD License

System Requirements

  • MSX turboR
  • 64K main RAM
  • 16K video RAM

Development information

Building the project is really easy on all modern desktop platforms. On MacOS
and Linux, simply invoke make to build the binary and symbol files into the
bin directory:


Windows users can open the Makefile and build by pasting the line in the all
target into the Windows command prompt.

To launch the build in openMSX after building, put a copy of MSXDOS2.SYS and
COMMAND2.COM in the bin directory, and then invoke the make run command.

Note that the glass assembler which is
embedded in the project requires Java 8. To check
your Java version, invoke the java -version command.