* enhanced collapsible fieldsets (can have them collapsed or expanded)
   * export results from change_list filtering (use GraveyModelAdmin)
      * csv (uses csv module, problems with unicode at the moment)
      * xml (included, but I don't really like it...using django serializers)
      * json (coming shortly)
   * dynamic list_display  (choose which columns you want to display; use GraveyModelAdmin)
   * "extra-tools" - add additional buttons to the change_list object-tools (export above is an example)
   * orderable index items (not implemented yet, but gets rid of the alpha sorting on the index page, sorts on whatever order the objects were registered)
   * additional history information (use GraveyModelAdmin)
      * values "Changed from ... to ..."
   * RestrictedModel/RestrictedModelAdmin - Handles restricting access to data based on user/group.  Only allows non-admin users to see rows owned by them or in which they are members of a group 
   * tabbed inlines/fieldsets (not implemented yet)