A template to add a development & ci environment to an existing project.


  • containerized development environment using Docker and Docker Compose
  • Makefile customized for the particular programming language used
  • make commands run inside Docker container unless NO_DOCKER environment variable is set
  • support for multiple languages (python, ruby)
  • [optional] integration with the concourse CI system


Install cookiecutter command line:

pip install cookiecutter

Switch to a project folder and generate the cookiecutter template layout:

cookiecutter bb:greenguavalabs/cookiecutter-devenv.git

You will be asked for the information needed to customize the development environment. Below is a sample of the prompts:

devenv_folder [dev]:
project_git_url []:
project_slug [cookiecutter-devenv]:
Select programming_lang:
1 - python
2 - ruby
Choose from 1, 2 [1]:
programming_lang_version [latest]:
Select concourse_ci:
1 - yes
2 - no
Choose from 1, 2 [1]:

Launch the development environment Docker containers:

cd dev/docker
docker-compose up -d

Run the default target in the generated Makefile to verify the setup:

cd ../../


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License