Georg Brandl committed 02e9b43

Added ``autodoc_default_flags`` config value, which can be used
to select default flags for all autodoc directives.

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 * Added single-file HTML builder.
+* Added ``autodoc_default_flags`` config value, which can be used
+  to select default flags for all autodoc directives.
 * Added ``tab-width`` option to ``literalinclude`` directive.
 * The ``html_sidebars`` config value can now contain patterns as


    .. versionadded:: 0.6
+.. confval:: autodoc_default_flags
+   This value is a list of autodoc directive flags that should be automatically
+   applied to all autodoc directives.  The supported flags are ``'members'``,
+   ``'undoc-members'``, ``'inherited-members'`` and ``'show-inheritance'``.
+   If you set one of these flags in this config value, you can use a negated
+   form, :samp:`'no-{flag}'`, in an autodoc directive, to disable it once.
+   For example, if ``autodoc_default_flags`` is set to ``['members',
+   'undoc-members']``, and you write a directive like this::
+      .. automodule:: foo
+         :no-undoc-members:
+   the directive will be interpreted as if only ``:members:`` was given.
+   .. versionadded:: 1.0
 Docstring preprocessing


     # a registry of type -> getattr function
     _special_attrgetters = {}
+    # flags that can be given in autodoc_default_flags
+    _default_flags = set(['members', 'undoc-members', 'inherited-members',
+                          'show-inheritance'])
     # standard docutils directive settings
     has_content = True
     required_arguments = 1
         # find out what documenter to call
         objtype =[4:]
         doc_class = self._registry[objtype]
+        # add default flags
+        for flag in self._default_flags:
+            if flag not in doc_class.option_spec:
+                continue
+            negated = self.options.pop('no-' + flag, 'not given') is None
+            if flag in self.env.config.autodoc_default_flags and \
+               not negated:
+                self.options[flag] = None
         # process the options with the selected documenter's option_spec
         self.genopt = Options(assemble_option_dict(
             self.options.items(), doc_class.option_spec))
     app.add_config_value('autoclass_content', 'class', True)
     app.add_config_value('autodoc_member_order', 'alphabetic', True)
+    app.add_config_value('autodoc_default_flags', [], True)
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