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Add a navbar at the bottom too.

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 - "often used" combo box in sidebar
 - discuss and debug comments system
-- navigation links at the bottom too
 - write new Makefile, handle automatic version info and checkout
 - write a "printable" builder (export to latex, most probably)
-- discuss the default role
 - discuss lib -> ref section move
 - prepare for databases other than sqlite for comments
 - look at the old tools/ scripts, what functionality should be rewritten


     {% block head %}{% endblock %}
+{% filter capture('relbar') %}
     <div class="related">
         {%- endfor %}
+{% endfilter %}
     <div class="document">
       <div class="documentwrapper">
         {%- if builder != 'htmlhelp' %}
       {%- endif %}
       <div class="clearer"></div>
+{{ relbar }}
     <div class="footer">
       &copy; <a href="{{ pathto('copyright.rst') }}">Copyright</a>
       1990-2007, Python Software Foundation.
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