Doug Latornell avatar Doug Latornell committed 9c4ebfc

Delete download_url. Let PyPI provide the bandwidth.

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 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-djl_url = ""
-nosy_version = "1.1"
 version_classifiers = ['Programming Language :: Python :: %s' % version
                        for version in ['2', '2.5', '2.6', '2.7']]
 other_classifiers = [
-    version=nosy_version,
+    version="1.1",
 Run the nose test discovery and execution tool whenever a source file
 is changed.
     author="Doug Latornell",
-    url=djl_url,
-    download_url="",
+    url="",
     license="New BSD License",
     classifiers=version_classifiers + other_classifiers,
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