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for 0.7

- lexers:
  * Haskell
  * (Q)BASIC
  * Lisp
  * Python TBs
  * IPython sessions
  * ls -alG
  * HTML with special formatting?
  * LaTeX special formatting?
  * OCaml
  * Nemerle
  * Windows batch files
  * Assembler
  * Objective C
  * MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite
  * Tcl

- automatically get help for lexers/formatters/options from docstrings

- a MoinMoin parser

- allow "overlay" token types to highlight specials: nth line, a word etc.

- readd property support for C# lexer? that is, find a regex that doesn't
  backtrack to death...

- add support for function name highlighting to c++ lexer

- pygmentize option presets?

- more unit tests (test pygmentize, test all formatters comprehensively)

- review perl lexer (numerous bugs, but so far no one had complaints ;)

- add `Mako lexers`_ written by Ben Bangert.

.. _Mako lexers:

for 0.8 -- 1.0

- more setuptools entrypoints (html formatter etc.)
  see paste script's Commands

- add folding? would require more language-aware parsers...