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2 github pull requestsmore from mikelietz 'Call 'a' global method, not 'an' global method.' and 'A one line method should be one line, right?'

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 class AboutMethods(Koan):
-    def test_calling_an_global_function(self):
+    def test_calling_a_global_function(self):
         self.assertEqual(__, my_global_function(2, 3))
     # NOTE: Wrong number of arguments is not a SYNTAX error, but a
     # ------------------------------------------------------------------
-    def one_line_method(self):
-        return 'Madagascar'
+    def one_line_method(self): return 'Madagascar'
     def test_no_indentation_required_for_one_line_statement_bodies(self):
         self.assertEqual(__, self.one_line_method())