Misleading test name in about_class_attributes.py

Giulio Piancastelli avatarGiulio Piancastelli created an issue

The section of about_class_attributes.py dealing with Dog2 contains a test_staticmethods_also_overshadow_instance_methods with a misleading name that seems to imply a precedence of static methods over instance methods in the name resolution process for methods in Python classes. It is not so. In the test, the static method overwrites the instance method only because the former appears after the latter in the class code. If bark(self) appeared after bark(), you would obtain the opposite result.


>>> class B(object):
...   @staticmethod
...   def m():
...     return 'm_static'
...   def m(self):
...     return 'm_instance'
>>> b = B()
>>> b.m()

I would suggest to remove the test, or to morph it into a test on name resolution precedence (the last definition always wins) in the class namespace.

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