python_koans / python2 / koans /

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from runner.koan import *

class AboutTrueAndFalse(Koan):
    def truth_value(self, condition):
        if condition:
            return 'true stuff'
            return 'false stuff'
    def test_true_is_treated_as_true(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(True))
    def test_false_is_treated_as_false(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(False))
    def test_none_is_treated_as_false(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(None))

    def test_zero_is_treated_as_false(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(0))

    def test_empty_collections_are_treated_as_false(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value([]))
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(()))
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value({}))
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(set()))

    def test_blank_strings_are_treated_as_false(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(""))
    def test_everything_else_is_treated_as_true(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(1))
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(1,))
            self.truth_value("Python is named after Monty Python"))
        self.assertEqual(__, self.truth_value(' '))
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