python_koans / python3 / koans /

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from runner.koan import *

class AboutDecoratingWithFunctions(Koan):
    def addcowbell(fn):
        fn.wow_factor = 'COWBELL BABY!'
        return fn
    def mediocre_song(self):
        return "o/~ We all live in a broken submarine o/~"
    def test_decorators_can_modify_a_function(self):
        self.assertRegexpMatches(self.mediocre_song(), __)
        self.assertEqual(__, self.mediocre_song.wow_factor)    
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------

    def xmltag(fn):
        def func(*args):
            return '<' + fn(*args) + '/>'
        return func
    def render_tag(self, name):
        return name
    def test_decorators_can_change_a_function_output(self):
        self.assertEqual(__, self.render_tag('llama'))
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