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Trigger change event on range slider

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  1. Tom Grainger
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Comments (3)

  1. Gregor Müllegger repo owner

    Thanks for your work and I really like what you have done. I would also like to drop the jquery stuff out of the repo, but do you know any good way to still let the user integrate the widget as easily as possible into the admin?

    He would need to specify the jquery dependecies himself?

    1. Tom Grainger author

      Yes the dependencies would be required himself. Probably the best way to do this is to create something like django-jquery and django-jqueryui each of which simply have static/jquery.min.js and static/jqueryui.min.js and can be handled by PIP dependency resolution.

      1. Gregor Müllegger repo owner

        Good idea. That already exists for jquery but not for jquery-ui. It's also a bit difficult with the UI part since most installations have different requirements and especially different styles.

        I have something in mind how I can work around that, but this needs a bit more exploring. I'm afraid I cannot work on this in the very near future.

        However still integrating your changes would be beneficial. I try to do that in the next days! Thanks for your work.