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Introducing the first JSON implementation for .Net to implement a fully object-oriented approach to the JSON structure itself. The concept behind this library is building the various JSON constructs in memory before exporting that structure directly to a string, and vice versa. With this approach, serialization to the string form becomes trivial; it’s the structure that’s important.


I was introduced to the JSON format while working for a previous employer where we were designing remote systems for flight simulators and the JSON data format was specified by the client. Those programs were written in C and were quite limited as they had to run on microcontrollers.

In order to test these systems, I had to write a Windows-based client with which they could communicate. I looked at some of the solutions out there (Json.Net, etc.) and was unimpressed (read: “confused”) with the way the various JSON constructs were created. Therefore I conceived the architecture below.

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