ChatNet: WebSocket support

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Xifer created an issue

Supporting WebSocket ( in ChatNet, complete with config to allow it only from certain domains or all (less secure) would allow modern browsers to login!

Could make for some interesting web applications if it gained traction. :)

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  1. Xifer reporter

    I've been adding encryption (TLS to be specific) and WebSocket support to ChatNet.

    I could use some help figuring out whether this new code should go directly into ASSS (and therefore add OpenSSL as a dependency) or into a separate module that only gets compiled if OpenSSL is around.

    Personally I'd prefer to update the original ChatNet module so that many servers support encryption and websockets and enable the development of an OpenId server.


  2. Xifer reporter

    As I didn't hear back from Grelminar or anyone I've decided to fork the project to store my changes. I'll try to make some pull requests with hope that it'll be at least seen...

  3. Justin Schwartz

    Grelminar is all but retired. Brain and I and occasionally numpf add things.. we could probably look over a pull request if you needed.

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