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?kick is missing an -h for hours and a -d for days

yeah its not important, but it becomes a problem for new admins who type ?kick -d 7 to ban people and think it will actually work

take the 5 minutes and fix please

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  1. Justin Schwartz

    Well, if I understand correctly, you think there is confusion because -m works for minutes, but you could only know that if you read the documentation in the first place. In any case there shouldn't be an issue with underbanning someone due to lack of training, especially since the command gives feedback. This is a feature request.

    That said, I highly do not recommend using ?kick for a serious long-term ban system.

    However, since it would take 5 minutes, I highly encourage you or anyone else to submit a patch that adds this functionality. ?setcm and ?lock should probably get the same treatment to make things consistent.

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