Provide arena level pids

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drbrain created an issue

Large zones may be forced to send weapon packets instead of position packets once pids exceed 8 bits. This is because pids are globally unique, but the protocol only requires that they be unique in the arena.

The current pids cannot be removed, however, as many modules depend on globally unique pids.

I propose to add a new arenapid to the Player structure, which will replace pid for all packet based communication.

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  1. drbrain reporter

    This is bug number 8 in the old bug database.

    grelminar: there's nothing in the (game) protocol that requires pids be globally unique. switching to per-arena pids would basically remove "pid over 255" as a reason for switching from the smaller 0x28 packet to the bigger 0x05, saving some bandwidth for large (> 255 player) zones.

    Dr Brain: It's ocasionally nice to have a unique global int for players. If you switch PIDs to arena local, then it would be nice to add some kind of global id that's unique and constant between arenas.

    Smong: You're going to have to keep the original pid setup so biller functions still work. A new system would have to be added ontop.

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