Need feedback for lack of command capability

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Copied from bug number 93 in old bug database.

numpf: No feedback anywhere for lack of capability to use a command. Not as a response to the issuing player, not in the log. There should be a wildcard cap for all cmds for debugging and dev-admins.

grelminar: I didn't want people to be able to force it to log something whenever they typed a bad command. But I guess that's silly because there are so many other ways to force it to log something, and now that there's some support for log filtering, you can control where those extra warning lines end up. Yeah, I agree an any_command cap would be useful.

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  1. drbrain reporter

    I agree about the command feedback issue. There's no reason not to do this.

    I worry, however, about the wildcard capability. A carelessly typed command can crash the server if the function doesn't do the appropriate input checking. This is especially true with the remote private commands, where the players are in different arenas.

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