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Issue #43 resolved

Demographics request not appearing

Justin Schwartz
created an issue

SSCE Hyperspace runs with some of the snrrrub patches that apparently mess with demographics. This has reintroduced a bug where new users are not being prompted for demographics, and the biller kicks them off about a minute later because they have not sent demographics. There are no differences in these modules from the current repository version.

Desired behavior: Demographics form appearing after clicking "Yes" when asked if one would like to create a new name.

Actual behavior: The player immediately enters the game, and is booted by the biller relatively shortly after.

Comments (5)

  1. Justin Schwartz reporter

    Yes it's the same thing, though to make a note of what was quoted in that post, the user name and password is getting registered with a userid, just not the demographics never get sent and the request never gets through to the client.

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