biller link is disconnected too soon

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Justin Schwartz
created an issue

the biller is disconnected by asss when receiving no data, but the biller often still thinks it's connected. this is extremely annoying as the biller can't be reconnected to until the biller thinks the zone is disconnected, which takes several minutes.

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  1. numpf

    I remember this happening with PB years ago. It is no longer an issue, and we don't remember what the fix was. Does it still happen in HZ?

  2. Justin Schwartz reporter

    I believe it happens from time to time. If you've ever seen the biller go down in your zone but it's up everywhere else it's probably this issue.

    The symptoms can be seen in the log. asss will time out SSC and suddenly in the log, you will see "data received from unknown connection on <billerip:billerport>" (paraphrased) spammed until SSC itself gives up on the zone, at which time reconnecting will be successful.

    Maybe something else is in play, bug it just seems like asss is too impatient with waiting for keep-alive data from SSC (probably because it's treated like a client connection)

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