Remove Initial() from freqman interface

Issue #95 new
drbrain created an issue

The Initial() function is called from core.c to set the player's ship and frequency when they first enter the arena. The call is largely redundant, however, as a call to freqman->Ship() would do the same checking.

I propose removing Initial() entirely, and modifying core.c to call Ship() instead.

The complication in this is that freqman currently requests game.c to change their ship at some point during the call. This call would have to be modified or caught before generating a packet. I think this is possible from game.c as some kind of special loading check.

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  1. numpf

    Whatever the code rearrangement, it is still very desirable to have the option to start players in spec when they first enter the arena. This matters in zones like PB and 4v4 where an extra player in a ship disrupts the game.

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